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Confident Home Alone (Ages 8-11)

Youth Activities / Fitness/Health/Safety -
Summer 2022

Learn skills to be more comfortable home alone. Discover personal strengths and challenges as they relate to being unsupervised. We’ll focus on awareness of your surroundings both in and outside the house. Prepare for potential emergency situations for yourself and others who may be in your care. Basic First Aid covered. Discussions and demonstrations provide an overview on topics like cooking, emergency preparation and plans, weather emergencies (what to have on hand and what to be aware of), hazardous materials and their storage, strangers, spending time with friends, etc. Bring a snack. Cost $35

If you have an interest in taking this course, but do not see a session available, please add participant to the waitlist on session 6701 to receive notification when an additional class becomes available for enrollment.  


  Abbey Sculley , Sarah Sculley

Full - waiting list

Price: $ 0 00