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Middle School Improv (grades 6-8)

Youth Activities / Theater -
Fall 2023

The Middle School Improv team is entering into its 22nd year!

Improvisation is likely to be known as a performance form that allows for audience participation, is based in comedy, and is only for the very quick-witted. Improvisation, however, is a truly adaptable art form that is proven to be an effective tool onstage and off for many different age groups and levels of experience. In other words, while it can be highly entertaining, improvisation is much more than "being funny." The tenets of improvisation - namely saying  yes or accepting ideas without judgement, creating a safe atmosphere and listening - have made this form important to actors and non-actors alike. For actors, improvisation is crucial to being in the moment and learning to trust your instincts onstage, particularly in auditions. For non-actors, improvisation is an effective tool for sharpening focus, evolving creative ideas, improving communication skills and teamwork. Students who participate in improvisation greatly improve their listening skills, focus, and school work. Visit for more information.

6605-F23A Closed

  Eric Webster

Middle School : Auditorium
Tue/Thu, Sep 12 - Sep 28
3:00 - 4:40 PM


Grades   6th - 8th

Price: $ 75 00

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