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  • Trout Fishing Day Trip (Southeast MN)

    Most Minnesotans are unaware of the fantastic experience of trout fishing and have never had the opportunity to try it or be introduced to it. There are many misconceptions about the difficulties in catching trout and the need for learning master fly-casting. If you have a taste for adventure or want to try something new when it comes to the great outdoors this day trip to Southeast MN is for you. The trip consists of hiking, photography, wildlife viewing, trout fishing and plenty of outdoor fun. Join your guide in the classroom to discuss gear, fishing equipment, and what to expect on this adventure. Then follow your guide into the bluff country of southeast MN to apply what you have learned on the trout stream. Don’t have your own equipment? No problem, equipment can be provided or bring your own. Trip is designed for the beginner and non-fly fishermen, but any level is welcome including fly fishermen. This is a great way to explore the state and an excellent parent child experience.