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  • Driver Education Behind-the-Wheel (BTW)

    (Prerequisite: Must have completed 30 hours of classroom instruction, be 15 years old and in possession of your learner's permit.) The second phase of driver education consists of 6 hours hands-on instruction. Licensed staff will guide students through proper driving techniques and skills including right and left turns, 90-degree backing, parallel parking, traffic lights and stop signs, lane changes, one-way, right of way, emergency stop, and much more. Minors must be enrolled in a behind-the-wheel program before they can take the knowledge test to obtain their permit. As long as a student is enrolled in a classroom session, they can also enroll for BTW. Doing so allows the student who is at least 15 to take their knowledge test as soon as they complete classroom. DO NOT wait to take the test! Students must pass their knowledge test and be in possession of their learner's permit prior to their first scheduled driving lesson. When registering for a flexible month block, the instructor will contact you directly to arrange 6 hours of driving time to occur sometime within the block. Download and bring the Parental Approval Form to your first lesson. Space is limited. Changes to enrollment are very difficult as this program fills quickly leaving little to no room for rescheduling. If we are able to make a change, it will involve a $20 fee. There are no refunds or cancellations allowed due to the restrictions imposed by Minnesota Law. Once registered for BTW and in possession of your blue card, you must remain in an active BTW session. If you have been unable to pass the knowledge test, you must contact Community Education or your driving instructor immediately to avoid a penalty. Student must have their permit with them for each driving session. If you forget your permit you cannot drive, that counts as a no show resulting in an $82 fee.
  • Virtual Driver Education Classroom (ages 14 1/2 and older)

    The first phase of driver education, 30 hours of classroom instruction prepares students for the knowledge (permit) test. Students will increase their understanding of basic skills, principles, and processes of responsible driving. Areas of concentration include driver’s rights and responsibilities, alcohol and other drugs, signs-signals-road markings, rules of the road, safe driving tips, Minnesota traffic laws, and limitations for teen drivers. The AAA Driver Training Program curriculum emphasizing the latest concepts in driver safety. For the virtual classroom series, you must attend by logging in to the live broadcast at class time each day on a device that has the ability to be seen as well as heard for the entire class time. Please provide participant's email address during the registration process to send the meeting invite. This email needs to be accessible from the device being used. Participants missing class must wait for the next session to make up missed time. *Due to high demand a $20 fee will be charged to change sessions once registered. Please check your family calendars before selecting a session.