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Centennial Preschool

6/6/24 Update: Most classrooms are full or have only a few spots left. We have availability for all full-day schedules at Golden Lake and Rice Lake, and for part-day afternoon classes at the Early Childhood Center. Waitlists are short at the moment, so please register for your first choice location/schedule even if it is likely full. Students will be placed on the waitlist for first choice selections in the order received.

The Centennial School District provides high-quality part-day and full-day preschool experiences. Classrooms are located at each of the elementary schools in the Centennial School District as well as the Early Childhood Center. (Part-day classes are only offered at the Early Childhood Center.) Centennial Preschool is held in classrooms with a 1 to 10 staff-to-student ratio, taught by licensed teachers using Creative Curriculum for Preschool and assessment tools approved by the State of Minnesota. Our preschool program has earned a 4-Star Parent Aware rating.

Centennial Preschool emphasizes:

Kindergarten Readiness

The goal of Centennial Preschool is to help children enter kindergarten with the skills and behaviors necessary to be successful learners. Being ready for kindergarten includes both academic skills such as literacy, math, science, and art, and social/emotional skills such as listening, following directions, sharing, and problem solving.

Play-Based Learning

Centennial Preschool weaves a learning through play philosophy into each class. Since students learn by doing, we focus on the process of creating rather than the product created. Learning happens when children are given space, materials, and time to play. Students engage in teacher-selected activities that are designed to grow their imagination, large-muscle, fine-motor, social-emotional, and thinking skills.

Parental Involvement

Part-day classes include a weekly parent attendance day, while full-day classes offer regular opportunities for parent engagement. Centennial Preschool places an emphasis on parental involvement because research has shown that early childhood programs that involve parents and children learning together are more effective than programs that focus only on the child. 

The brochure with more information can be found on our website.

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2024-2025 School Year