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  • Early Childhood Screening May 31, 2018 - For 18-19 Kindergarten Students Only

    Important notes! This screening date is only for children who will be entering kindergarten in Centennial School District this fall. If your child's birthdate does not fall within the range 8/31/12 - 9/1/13, but he/she is enrolling in kindergarten for the fall, please contact us by phone (763-792-6120) to schedule your appointment. There is no charge for this screening, but you must complete the checkout to be enrolled. You will receive a confirmation email after checkout; if you do not receive a confirmation email you are not enrolled for your time slot. You may print the confirmation email and include it with your kindergarten registration to confirm that your child will complete screening prior to entering kindergarten. Note that we will contact you by mail and phone regarding your appointment, so please double-check that your Eleyo account has up-to-date contact information.Early Childhood Screening is a FREE check of a child's hearing and vision, weight and height, health history, immunizations, speech and language, general development and motor skills. Screening identifies children who may have health or developmental concerns and allows for appropriate assistance as early as possible. Please note that screening is NOT a readiness test for kindergarten.Screening is required for Kindergarten entrance. A child can be screened anytime after age 3. What does this screening include? vision and hearing check growth evaluation immunization review developmental screening using a Minnesota state approved standardized tool family health and development review information and resources for your child Minnesota State screening requirements may also take place through another school district, a physician’s office, the Head Start program or Public Health. Contact us for more information: 763-792-6120.If possible, please do not bring other children so you may devote full attention to your child. We have found that brothers and sisters distract the child being screened and the process takes longer.