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  • *NEW* Business Succession Planning

    Should I sell . . . gift to my children . . . transfer to my partner? Common mistakes that Minnesota business owners make are discussed. The presentation will provide reasoned responses and solutions in clearly explained, non-legal terminology for the following: Things to consider when you sell or transfer your business How much cash you'll need for your business Determining who will be your successor A variety of common mistakes that Minnesota business owners make in planning for the future
  • *NEW* Can You Avoid Parenting Your Parents

    Just like ECFE and other parenting classes, The Road Next Taken classes provide a focus for people ages 55+ who are experiencing the joys and concerns of this unique phase of life. As you and your parents age, there is some inevitability that you will assume a care-giving role. Many find themselves in a situation where they feel as if they are acting as parents to their parents. Open communication and conversation well in advance of inevitable aging issues can help keep you from parenting your parents. Class will provide suggestions to open discussions about age-related topics with your parents, as well as what information you will need to have from your parents in order to assist them through the later stages of their lives.
  • *NEW* Medicare 101

    Planning for Medicare is intimidating. If you or a family member is nearing the age of 65 you should plan on attending this course to learn the basics of what Medicare is, how it works, how to avoid penalties, and what you need to know to prepare yourself for this process.
  • *NEW* The Day After Retirement

    Just like ECFE and other parenting classes, The Road Next Taken classes provide a focus for people ages 55+ who are experiencing the joys and concerns of this unique phase of life. What will your life look like once you don't answer the call of the alarm clock? What can you do in advance to plan for a positive transition into retirement? Having a sense of purpose is an important key to satisfaction. Change is inevitable. How to put your arms around the changes inherent in retiring and grow is the focus of this class. Explore a variety of ways to identify what is significant to you, then establish a purpose-filled life in retirement. 
  • *NEW* Understanding Divorce

    Do you have questions about the divorce process in Minnesota? Learn information about divorce law, asset/debt division, child support and alimony. Includes information on alternative approaches for getting divorced such as litigation, mediation and do-it-yourself options. Provides participants with a basic understanding of how a standard divorce proceeds in Minnesota, practical steps that can be taken to prepare for divorce, how divorce impacts your life, and how to proceed following the completion of the divorce process. Designed for separated spouses and those considering starting a divorce.
  • 7 College Planning Tips You Don't Know but Should

    Families often know more about the next appliance they are going to buy than the college education they are going to purchase, leading many to make avoidable mistakes that cost them thousands and hinder their ability to find the best fit for their child. Learn from a national expert insider tips that will greatly enhance your understanding of the college process, reduce anxiety and position your child for success. Learn how to avoid mistakes many make when trying to identify colleges that are truly the right fit, a behind-the-scenes view of how financial aid really works, actionable strategies to save thousands of dollars and tips for working with your teenager on a stressful and emotional process. An absolute must-see for parents and grandparents with college-bound students. 
  • How Wills and Trusts Can and Cannot Help You

    What is estate planning and why is it crucial? Explore the purposes for estate planning, basic plans for married couples and single individuals, and review wills and trusts in detail. Also reviewed are powers of attorney, guardianship, health care directives and the probate process. A well-planned estate will allow the maker to stay in control even in the event of disability, and will avoid probate and unnecessary fees and delays upon death.
  • How to Pay for the Nursing Home: An Attorney's Perspective

    We all come into the world with nothing and leave with nothing. The biggest fear for most baby boomers is how to pay for the nursing home and still leave the next generation something. With ever changing estate planning laws and great increases in nursing home costs the fear is real. In today’s world you need to understand what your options are. Is long term care insurance for you? What about home care? Should you gift your money away? Will you qualify for Medicaid? What about a current Trust, does it avoid the nursing home? What is the 60-month claw back? What if your spouse goes into the nursing home and exhausts your combined money? Walk through these questions and many more, including how to plan and place your assets to meet your nursing home goals.
  • Social Security Facts & Strategies

    How do I maximize my Social Security benefits? Explore claiming rules and strategies for couples, divorcees and widowed surviving spouses to show you how to get the most out of your Social Security benefit. Discuss the important role Social Security plays in your overall retirement planning, ways to maximize your benefits and how to avoid becoming a victim of the “Widow Trap”. You should attend if you are within 10 years of retirement.
  • Write Your Own Will, Health Care Directive and Power of Attorney

    If you are incapacitated or pass away, who will carry out your wishes regarding health care and manage your financial affairs? Learn about estate planning while preparing your own will, health care directive, and power of attorney during class. Class is tailored to those who have an estate of less than $2.7 million. Basic computer skills are necessary. Q&A time included. Couples must register individually. Preparation packet will be sent prior to class.Instructor is an attorney practicing in the areas of estate planning, elder law, and probate.