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  • Pilates in the Park (Ages 16+)

    This conditioning class focuses on body alignment and breathing. Exercises cover all core powerhouse muscle groups including: abs, lower back, shoulders, thighs and glutes. Bring a mat. Pilates benefits include: strengthen torso-abdominals, back, pelvis, hips, spine, shoulders and neck improve joint function and ease of movement flatten abdominal area restore height lost due to spinal compression improve posture and skeletal alignment develop body awareness that transfers to other forms of movement relieve chronic joint pain gain athletic functioning through retraining of faulty movement patterns increase sense of well-being and self-esteem Drop-in rate option of $8 per class given to instructor on the night of class. Cash or check payable to District 12 accepted.
  • The Ancient Art of Hand Yoga (Online)

    Mudras or ‘yoga of the hands’ has been recognized for centuries as a simple yet effective healing tool. In ancient India, mudras were believed to be the key to spiritual, mental and physical wellbeing, and that regular practice of hand positions can rejuvenate body and mind. The hand positions are easy to do, take minutes to perform and can be done almost anywhere at any time. Perform mudra to help relieve anxiety, stress, digestive issues, weight loss, bloating, insomnia and more. A Zoom link and handout will be sent to the email used to register prior to the class date.