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  • *NEW* Middle School Weight Room (Gr 6-8)

    Want to get started working out, but don't really know how to start, and even more importantly, how to start correctly. Join Endurance Fitness certified trainers Andy (Tues/Thurs) and Barb (Wed) in a hard-working, supportive environment. This class will focus on proper skills and drills to help build your confidence through improved speed, strength, and agility. Don't miss out, weather you're training for another sport, or just want to be active. Class is offered on Tuesday and Thursday after school, for boys and girls. We are also offering a girls only session on Wednesdays. Space is limited and current state and district guidelines will be followed. The locker room will be available after school to change clothes, but lockers are unavailable. With current guidelines, a mask must be worn at all times. For the first week of Tuesday/Thursday, students can attend if able on the day they are not in school. After school supervision is available at no additional charge in the cafeteria until 5:30 pm. Please check the box on the registration form if you'll require care. With enough interest, another session will be offered starting in Mid-April.
    Starting Soon
  • Confident Home Alone (Ages 8-11)

    Learn skills to be more comfortable home alone. Discover personal strengths and challenges as they relate to being unsupervised. We’ll focus on awareness of your surroundings both in and outside the house. Prepare for potential emergency situations for yourself and others who may be in your care. Basic First Aid covered. Discussions and demonstrations provide an overview on topics like cooking, emergency preparation and plans, weather emergencies (what to have on hand and what to be aware of), hazardous materials and their storage, strangers, spending time with friends, etc. Bring a snack.
  • Confident Sitter (Ages 11+)

    Learn skills to be a confident babysitter. Prepare for potential emergency situations with an overview of choking and basic first aid specific to infants and children. Discover personal strengths and challenges as they relate to caring for children. Discussions and demonstrations provide an overview on how to interact positively with children, manage challenging behaviors, prepare meals and snacks, and diaper and bottle feeding. Bring a lunch with beverage and a doll. Price includes bag and manual.
  • Confident Sitter First Aid, CPR & AED Course (ages 11+)

    (prerequisite:Completion of Confident Sitter or basic babysitting knowledge) Take basic child care a step further in this small class featuring individual attention for each participant’s review and demonstration of skills. Successful completion will certify students in basic first aid, CPR and AED for infants, children, and adults - an important asset for a babysitter. Learn to recognize and treat life-threatening emergencies including cardiac arrest, broken bones, bleeding, choking, allergic reactions, diabetic emergencies, etc. Must be committed to taking the topics seriously in order to receive certification indicating mastery of skills. Receive a Heartsaver CPR AED Completion Card and student workbook (a $22 value). Bring a lunch with beverage.
  • More Than Pink (Entering Gr. 4-7)

    New topics and more fun added for 2021, so if you participated in the past, you can come back! Grades 4 and 5 will meet together and grades 6 and 7. More Than Pink is a program to inspire girls to stay true to themselves and live free from societal stereotypes. This 6-week program innovatively weaves training for a 5K run with lessons that empower girls to celebrate their bodies, honor their voices, and embrace their gifts. All athletic types welcome. More Than Pink works around summer schedules, camps and vacations. Even if girls are going to be gone for a day or for a week they are still able to participate in the program. Information that is missed on certain topics will be handed out to the girls so they will still get the information. A More Than Pink day consists of 50 minutes of a fun fitness activity and 50 minutes of a life lesson. This program meets twice a week for 2 hours. Topics may include self-worth, body image, nutrition, healthy relationships, money management and more. More Than Pink Goals: To help girls grow and develop physically, mentally, and socially with local community support. To empower girls to be true to themselves at home and school, with self-image, friends, and activities. To provide resources and tools to help them not succumb to peer pressure, live with less stress, and become who they want to be. To measure fitness goals throughout the 7-week program. The program builds throughout the summer and culminates in the girls, and others, running/walking a celebratory More Than Pink 5K on Monday, August 9 in the evening (Aug. 10 rain backup). Family and friends are welcome and encouraged to join the run! This is not a competitive race but a celebration of empowerment and inspiration! Family and friends can pay $5 the night of the run to participate. Financial assistance is available. Girls will receive a t-shirt. Space is limited. We love to meet parents; please join us, with your daughter, for a fun open house Wednesday, June 23, 6:30-7:30 pm.
  • Summer Cougar Strength Weight Training (Entering Gr. 7-12 Athletes)

    Cougar Strength is designed for ALL ATHLETES who want to develop explosive power, absolute strength, muscular endurance, speed, quickness, agility, flexibility, and cardiovascular fitness. The program achieves these measured athletic qualities from the use of Olympic lifts and their variations along with other movement preparatory exercises, high intensity strength building exercises, exercises containing plyometric properties, proper technique and teaching progressions, and researched program design and periodization. Cougar Strength is the only program in the school that connects ALL of our athletes and brings them into one room with a common goal - developing themselves as an athlete to help their teams be successful. Cougar Strength will challenge you and bring your game to the next level. If you are ready to invest in your future success and more importantly, Centennial athletics future success, sign up today! Look for the session title that correlates with the grade level entering for fall of 2021-22 school year.