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  • *NEW* So You're Thinking About Leaving Minnesota: An Attorney's Perspective on How to Do It

    A vital part of every retirement of resettlement discussion involves the roadmap of issues that help us decide where we want to call home. Is it taxes, the political landscape, the weather, the location of family assets, debt or income concerns in retirement, cost of living, health concerns, or our friends are already there. When should we start this conversation? Did you know how many states do not tax Social Security, pensions or other qualified retirement income sources? Which are the worst states for estate taxes? How do we establish domicile? How about quality of medical resources and retirement facilities, who is good, who is not so good? All these issues will be raised and discussed in an open and friendly manner with questions encouraged.
  • How Wills and Trusts Can and Cannot Help You

    What is estate planning and why is it crucial? This class explores the purposes for estate planning; basic plans for married couples and single individuals; and reviews wills and trusts in detail. Also reviewed are power of attorney, guardianship, health care directives and the probate process. A well-planned estate will allow the maker to stay in control even in the event of disability and will avoid probate and unnecessary fees and delays upon death.
  • Medicare 101

    Planning for Medicare is intimidating. If you or a family member is nearing the age of 65 you should plan on attending this course to learn the basics of what Medicare is, how it works, how to avoid penalties, and what you need to know to prepare yourself for this process. If registering as a couple, only select one person at time of registration. The name of your significant other will be asked as a question during the registration process.
  • Questions and Answers with a MN Will and Trust Planning Attorney (Virtual)

    This is a relaxed and friendly open-forum seminar for participants with a seasoned Will & Trust attorney. You may have questions like: Should I avoid probate? Is a Will good enough? Do I need a Trust? How does my plan deal with a nursing home? How do we gift the assets of husband and wife? What about separate assets not of the marriage? If I am alone, what tools protect me best? How do I decide who should serve in my estate plan? What is the death tax? How do I avoid leaving a mess for my children? Which Trust is best for my needs? Can I use a Transfer-On-Death Deed? How do my retirement assets operate in my Will or Trust? All questions will be answered. If registering as a couple, it's only necessary to add one person to the cart when checking out. The name of your partner will be asked as a question during the checkout process.
  • Social Security Claiming Facts & Filing Strategies

    How do I maximize my Social Security benefits? Explore claiming rules and strategies for couples, divorcees and widowed-surviving spouses to show you how to get the most out of your Social Security benefit. Discuss the important role Social Security plays in your overall retirement planning, ways to maximize your benefits and how to avoid becoming a victim of the “Widow Trap”. You should attend if you are within 10 years of retirement. If registering as a couple, only add one person to your cart. The name of your significant other will be asked as a question during checkout.