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  • *NEW* Wild Mushrooms 101

    Are you interested in learning how to identify and forage for wild mushrooms? Join mushroom identification and foraging expert, Ariel Bonkoski, for a class on basic mushroom knowledge, how to identify your wild mushroom finds, learn about some common edible mushrooms in our area, as well as toxic species to know, and how to continue your mushroom journey. You will have some hands-on experience with wild mushrooms that Ariel will bring. Please bring paper and pen to takes notes if you wish.
  • Four Successful Strategies to Protect the House Farm, Cabin (Virtual)

    The Concern: Our family has a cabin, homestead, hunting land, farm or second home. How do we protect this family legacy and move its use and enjoyment in the future? The Problem: Various sources and forces threaten its very existence: The nursing home and Medicaid (MA), estate taxes, family divorces, creditor and bankruptcy issues, taxes and operating expenses, unequal resources of owners, the in-laws, and use and enjoyment equality. The Answer: We will provide real-life solutions and explore four paths to resolution that will solve our problems without driving the family apart or sacrificing the family’s legacy asset. A Zoom link will be sent to the email used for registration. If registering as a couple, only select one person during the registration process. The name of your partner will be asked as a question during checkout.
  • How to Pay for the Nursing Home: An Attorney's Perspective

    We all come into the world with nothing and leave with nothing. The biggest fear for most baby boomers is how to pay for the nursing home and still leave the next generation something. With ever changing estate planning laws and great increases in nursing home costs the fear is real. In today’s world you need to understand what your options are. Is long term care insurance for you? What about home care? Should you gift your money away? Will you qualify for Medicaid? What about a current Trust, does it avoid the nursing home? What is the 60-month claw back? What if your spouse goes into the nursing home and exhausts your combined money? Walk through these questions and many more, including how to plan and place your assets to meet your nursing home goals. If registering as a couple, only add one person to your cart. The name of your partner will be asked during the checkout process.
  • How to Retire: An Attorney's Perspective

    You work your whole career with the goal of someday retiring. This seminar covers the crucial years leading up to your retirement date, the active years of your retirement, and the winding down of your retirement years. Subjects will include: Estate planning while working, during retirement and at the end of life When to take your Social Security Key financial products and service available in the market (Medicaid compliant annuities, Long Term Care Insurance, Life Insurance Long Term Care Riders) What to look for in a professional (Financial Advisor, CFP, RIA, Fiduciary) The final plans before the end, what can be too little too late. Please bring your questions, this class is an interactive forum. If registering as a couple, only add one person to your cart. The name of your partner will be asked as a question during the checkout process.